Practising Mindfulness in Your Daily Life

Support your wellbeing by making practising

mindfulness in your daily life achievable, starting

with our 8-week MBCT course.

Practise Mindfulness to Support Your Wellbeing

How do you look after wellbeing physically, mentally, and emotionally?

Do you take care?

Your mind is so powerful, but how aware of it are you? We often let our mind drift, unaware of where it takes us; we get caught up in our thoughts, letting them drive our emotions and behaviour, sometimes overwhelming us.

Mindfulness is a simple but powerful practise to train our attention, reducing stress and improving mental health.

Practising Mindfulness

The most effective mental health intervention is a preventative one.

Support your mental health with the 8-week mindfulness-based cognitive therapy course. Giving you opportunities for practise, it’s designed to help you deal with stress, anxiety, and low mood before they become more severe problems like burnout or depression.

Counselling Support

When you’re looking for your next steps, considering how to move forward and create the future you want, counselling can give you the perspective you need.

Working with us, you’ll be given the opportunity to explore whatever is holding you back or causing you distress – when you’re ready, find out how we can help.

Next course running:

Our next MBCT course takes place every Monday from 20th June 2022 between 7pm – 8:45pm and runs for 8 weeks. Please note that places are limited. The format is a welcoming Live Online Group Session.

If you are interested in signing up for our MBCT 8-week course, we will organise a free 1-1 session with you via Zoom. During this session, we will explain more about the course and answer any questions you may have.

Please email us at to reserve your place.

Cost for the full 8 sessions: £220


Practising Mindfulness Focusing on Now for Your Future

Why do we practise mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about being rather than doing, experiencing instead of striving; giving you the space to act consciously –responding the way you choose to – rather than reacting to what life throws at you impulsively.

For many of us, mindfulness doesn’t come naturally – we’ve filled our head with thoughts and worries, filling our time with busyness and noise.

We know how hard it can be to make time for yourself, to turn away from the demands you are under. But, when you’re ready, you can find that time and create that space with the 8-week MBCT course.

Spend some time in the here and now – that’s where your strength is

You don’t need to be taught mindfulness but given the opportunity to experience it, recognising the place of balance in which you can grow.

Mind Wisdom – Mindfulness Practitioners for You

Helping you find your path, mindfulness with a guide

Are you wondering if mindfulness can help you?

Mindfulness is about training our attention, focusing on the here and now. By acknowledging our thoughts and emotions we take on the power to choose our responses.

So many of our concerns and anxieties come from constant pulls on our attention – concerns about the future, regrets about the past, worries about actions not yet taken.

Focus on the Here and Now,

Be Present, Be You

MBCT is one of the most effective forms of mindfulness training and practising with a teacher will give you opportunities to ask questions, experience our approaches and practise regularly.


Your truth, your understanding, your empowerment – it’s all there inside you.